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"Modified is a very personal, tender, touching tribute to a great mom, and a well-researched, well-written, enlightening and powerful documentary!"  -  Chef Jacques Pépin


"Aube Giroux strikes a beautiful balance between the personal and political with her debut feature film."  -  The Coast Magazine

"A love story about cooking and gardening - and the importance of regaining control over where our food comes from." Treehugger

"Aube Giroux wanted to make a film about food but instead found herself making a film about democracy."  Le Devoir

"With such a weighty subject as its focus, it is a testament to Giroux’s deft story-telling that “Modified” is so compelling and compassionate, and that it can evoke such a range of emotions. For anyone who cares about what they put in their mouth, where it comes from and how it is produced — and I would like to think that is all of us — this film is a must-see. It is also beautiful beyond words."  -  

"Like Agnès Varda in The Gleaners and I, Giroux draws us into encounters with various people directly impacted by these (food) policies, exposing the agribusiness industry's control over our democratic institutions."  Journal Metro

"Playfully and personally encourages audiences to understand the food they eat" POV Magazine

"A visually beautiful, informative foray into the facts about GMOs, efforts to have them labeled, and how individuals are protecting the choice—and quality—of what they eat. ...a paean to food—from seed to plant to crop, to transforming the harvest into culinary delights, to savoring the delectable creation. It’s mouth-watering, and rekindles appreciation of what nourishes our experience as living beings on a living earth.  -  The Organic and Non-GMO Report

"Aube Giroux shone at the festival's closing gala, receiving the award for best East Coast feature film as well as the Audience Choice award for her film, Modified." Radio-Canada (CBC)

"Modified is a love story, exploring the loving bond between a daughter and her mother; between a woman and her garden; a filmmaker and the food she cooks and the small, sustainable farms that produce it. It’s also about the regrettable loss of biodiversity, communities, small farms, and even small towns." Signe Langford, Harrowsmith Magazine

"In addition to the extensive scientific and political research she undertook, the filmmaker presents a moving and universal work."  Acadie Nouvelle

"We chose this film for the award because its auteur-led approach is steeped in candour and authenticity. Because it skillfully interweaves the political and the personal. And because of the urgency of the film's message that citizens must demand transparency from their governments."

Lawrence Côté-Collins, jury member, FICFA

"The development of the documentary Modified was, appropriately, organic."  

Chronicle Herald

"Giroux's largely self-financed film — a trenchant blend of investigation, gorgeous images of food, personal reflection and a deep love of family — certainly celebrates food while abjuring the chirpy slickness of so many cooking shows."  

Patrick Langston, Edible Toronto Magazine

"Aube is a skillful filmmaker and storyteller. She draws the viewer into her life and introduces us to some inspiring characters, especially her mother, Jali, who passed away during the making of the film."  

Colin Todhunter, Countercurrents


Vermont Interview.JPG

Televised interview on WCAX News with filmmaker Aube Giroux ahead of the 2018 Vermont International Film Festival where Modified received the Audience Favorite Award

(Vermont, September 2018)

Santa Barbara.JPG

Aube Giroux and co-producer Camelia Frieberg at the US 

premiere of Modified - Santa Barbara International Film Festival

(California, February 2018)

Aube Giroux receiving the Audience Choice and Best East Coast Filmmaker Awards at the 2017 Lunenburg Doc Fest

(Nova Scotia, September 2017)

Aube Giroux - James Beard Awards 2019 -
Aube Giroux - James Beard 2019 - small.J

Aube Giroux receiving the 2019 James Beard Foundation

Broadcast Media award for best documentary

(New York City, April 2019)

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